10 Of The Ugliest Christmas Sweaters In The World

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There are many wonderful Christmas traditions that take place every year, such as gift giving, spending time with your family and taking some much needed time off work. Unfortunately there are also some horrible traditions; traditions that should not be allowed to continue, yet seem to grow stronger each and every year. It is one of these traditions that compile this list of ten horrendously ugly Christmas sweaters for the festive season. Although these sweaters are as funny as they are ugly, nobody will miss them when they’re gone.

The Winner

This Chrismas sweater is about as ugly as it is inaccurate. A sad T-Rex trying to eat Santa is probably the least likely thing to happen this Christmas.

Eater Pooper

This awesome combination set of sweaters is both funny and ugly, showing Rudolf eating and pooping a mixture of candy and decorations all at once.

Putting Up The Tree

This awesome shirt would have to be the most uncomfortable one on this list but it is one of the most creative. Showing Santa trying to put the star on the tree in “Ugly Sweater” form is pure genius.

Christmas Tree

This girl decided to cosplay a Christmas tree, but got it all wrong with the blue sweater instead of the traditional green.

Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer

I bet this guy was wondering why everyone keep telling him to “put his hands up”.

Happy Couple

I bet we all wish we could find someone to wear our ugly sweater pair with for the rest of our lives. This happy couple shows why they are competitors for the Ugly Sweater competition.

Hairy Christmas

You would have to be at least a little bit intoxicated to wear this ugly sweater out this Christmas, but fortunately this gentleman seems to have an early jump on the festivities.

Birthday Boy

With all the presents being given out this year, it is sometimes hard to remember why we all celebrate Christmas. This ugly sweater will make sure we all remember the reason in the funniest way possible.

Got Milk?

When Santa needs both hands to pour the milk and has no bench for the glass, he finds a way to make do.

Christmas Tree

A close second for the most uncomfortable sweater this year is the Christmas Tree lookalike sweater. Imagine the chaffing after a long day in this ugly thing.