10 Of The Ugliest Christmas Sweaters In The World

There are many wonderful Christmas traditions that take place every year, such as gift giving, spending time with your family and taking some much needed time off work. Unfortunately there are also some horrible traditions; traditions that should not be allowed to continue, yet seem to grow stronger each and every year. It is one of these traditions that compile this list of ten horrendously ugly Christmas sweaters for the festive season. Although these sweaters are as funny as they are ugly, nobody will miss them when they’re gone.

The Winner

This Chrismas sweater is about as ugly as it is inaccurate. A sad T-Rex trying to eat Santa is probably the least likely thing to happen this Christmas.

Eater Pooper

This awesome combination set of sweaters is both funny and ugly, showing Rudolf eating and pooping a mixture of candy and decorations all at once.