10 Of The Strangest Things People Actually Believe

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Psuedosciences are a type of practice that are known for being kind of like science but not truly. Most people who practice or study these fake science fields tend to never use testing or any form of a hypothesis that makes sense. One instance, for example, is that some people truly believe the ancient Egyptian pyramids were constructed by an alien race. Here are ten of the most bizarre, shocking things real people somehow believe in. We really cannot believe some of these.


Rumpology is a bizarre form of science where one individual spends their time staring at someone’s butt while offering them insight into their future. The butt is said to play host to the world.

Flat Earth

You may have seen social media recently, where the likes of B.o.B. and other known celebrities have been claiming the Earth is actually flat. This is, of course, not true, and yet people still fight for this belief.

Psychic Surgery

Surgeons who use their psychic abilities – and don’t hold a medical degree – are said to heal people of their cancer or other terminal illnesses without ever touching the victim. These practioners make an “incision” using their fingers.

Pyramid Powers

There are groups of eccentric individuals out there who claim the Egyptian pyramids actually have powers, which allow those nearby to preserve foods, improve their health, and even have an increased sex drive.

Attachment Therapy

Attachment therapy is both bizarre and downright disturbing. The basic premise is that naughty children never learned how to bond their their guardians correctly, so they need this therapy later in life.

Melanin Theory

The Melanin Theory claims that all items that convert light or use a magnetic field, or even process types of information without using a brain, actually possess a soul. Everyone has melanin in their bodies, which means we would all be superheroes.

Body Earthing

Body Earthing sounds like a new-wave version of hippies, all of whom believe we do not spend enough time without clothes or shoes on in the wilderness. These people believe the Earth gives us energy by transferring electrons while we are barefoot outdoors.

Urine Therapy

Urine therapy is not a new form of medication, but it remains one of the weirdest. Apparently, urine contains properties that can heal some of the worst health problems.


Memetics is basically the science of an internet meme. Those who believe in this form of science claim these images or thoughts can jump from person to person, taking on a life of their own and evolving.


Dowsing is the old practice of using a rod to locate things underneath the soil. This is often used for water, but also for oil and gems. An Y-shaped stick is often used to locate said substance.