10 Of The Strangest Laws Governments Actually Implemented

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No matter where you go in the world, the simple fact remains that you have to follow the laws set down by the government otherwise you risk some jail time or fines. Unfortunately, a lot of governments have laws that are simply ridiculous, but if they are not followed by the citizens, then they do risk something happening. Of course, the officer that discovers you breaking this law may use their discretion to ignore it. You’ll have to find out for yourself.


In Canada, all stores are not legally required to accept any form of coins from a consumer. Simply put, if you’re paying in all change, you may be out of luck when it comes to buying a soda or snack.

Eboli, Italy

In the city of Eboli, Italy, the local government passed a law that stated anyone kissing within a moving vehicle can be arrested and persecuted for doing so. You lovebirds should be wary while visiting the country.

Capri, Italy

In Capri, Italy, it is illegal for anyone to wear “excessivly loud footwear” during any time of the day. Numerous tourists have been arrested by the local government for wearing loud flip flops.


While visiting Barbados, it is illegal for anyone to wear anything that happens to be camouflage. Leave those shorts or pants behind, you are not going hunting while on the island.


Although this particular law is incredibly old, it remains within the legal books of the government of England. All men older than the age of 14-years-old are required to practice with the longbow for 2 hours per day.


Within the country of Turkey, it has been deemed illegal for a man above the age of 80 to become a pilot. That means no flying for you, grandpa!


In Germany, the government has passed a law that makes it completely illegal for someone to run out of gas while travelling along the highway, otherwise known as the autobahn.


Thailand has passed a law stating it is illegal for anyone to leave the confines of their home within the country without wearing any underwear underneath their clothing. It is unclear how they check for this.


In Israel, the simple act of picking your nose on Sunday can earn you a prosecution from the local government. Young children may be at fault for this particular crime, though.


Within Singapore, it is highly illegal for anyone, local or tourist, to be chewing gum at any point in the day. You cannot even bring the substance into the country.