10 Of The Strangest Competitions Ever Created

World Pea Shooting Championships

Pea shooting is something that most people only did when they were in school whey they tried to fight off boredom by firing small pieces of chewed up paper through a straw. In the English village of Witcham though, pea shooting is a serious business that involves those taking part trying to score as many points as possible by hitting targets. Entrants use extensive modifications to be as accurate as possible, including laser guides.

Baby Crying Contest

Most parents try to stop their babies from crying but in the annual baby crying contest at the 400-year-old Nakizumo festival those taking part have to do the exact opposite. The competition is open to student sumo wrestlers and they must attempt to make their child cry as quickly as possible, with the winning baby announced to be the healthiest. The contests can often see more than 100 babies and their fathers taking part and if they don’t cry within a short time a referee will enter the ring and make loud noises to try to frighten them.