10 Of The Smallest Animals In The World

Nearly 99% of all breeds of animals to have ever existed on our planet are now extinct. The one percent that walk the earth along with us are quite diverse on their own and come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most interesting ones out of all the various categories of animals are the lightweights and the heavy weights, the biggest and smallest in each sub-group. The biggest among these can envelop buildings and the smallest are nearly invisible. Here is a list of ten animals that are the smallest in their breed:

Smallest Dog

Ducky, a short-coat Chihuahua is the current record holder for being the smallest dog in the world. The pint-sized puppy is only 4.9 inches tall. The previous record holder, a dwarf Yorkshire Terrier was only 2.8 inches tall.

Smallest Fishes

The smallest known fish in the world was discovered only in 2006 near the island of Sumatra. The Paedocypris Progenetica is only 0.3 inches long and is also said to be the smallest back-boned animal in the world.