10 Of The Sexiest 90’s Pop Stars You Mooned Over

The 90’s was the birth of the modern female pop star who could not only sing, but was also incredibly hot. These were the girls that offered the bubble gum pop that made our mouths water while we were tapping our toes. Some of these girls were also inherently 90’s because no one would have thought of them of all that hot during any other period in the music industry’s history. Despite that fact, these ladies were often considered the sex symbols of their era some of them were so ridiculously hot that they would be drooled over in any era. We’ve brought you the sexiest 90’s pop stars so you can remember who you used to crush on hard when you were quite a bit younger.

Liz Phair

Liz Phair was one of those girls who would simply shock you with how hot she was. Certainly part of her sexiness was that her lyrics always required you to listen close and when you did you suddenly were quite… randy. The fact that she was not exactly main stream made her sexier still.

Britney Spears

Britney was the queen of the super hot pop stars of the 1990’s. She burst onto the scene wearing that little school uniform and just got hotter and hotter the more we saw of her.