10 Of The Scariest Haunted Dolls In The World

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We’ve all seen the movies that feature scary toys that have been possessed by some kind of demon, killer or ghost. The spookiest thing about these films is that most of them are based, at least a little, on real stories of actual toys that have haunted their owners. If that makes it just a little harder to sleep at night, keep in mind there are quite a few of these things out there and only some of them have actually been collected by the right people and put where they can’t effect anyone anymore. If you believe these things are actually possessed by ghosts or demons, then there are plenty of items that haven’t even been pinpointed. Check out the spookiest of the spooky.


Joliet has been in the same family for generations and the doll has supposedly carried out her curse on every generation of woman in the family. The women have all had two children, one boy and one girl. On the third day of life for each boy, they suddenly pass away. Members of the family have said they have heard all sorts of wails and crying coming from the doll. They believe that it is hosting the spirits of the departed boys.


Mercy is said to be possessed by the spirit of a seven-year-old girl. Various owners have reported to have seen the doll standing straight up and having moved from places they put it. Others have said the radio or television station will suddenly change when the doll is around.


A porcelain doll named Mandy is said to be one of the most haunted dolls in the entire world. The doll was made back in 1910 and now sits in a Museum in British Columbia after being donated by her former owner. The owner said she could hear crying from the doll at night and after giving Mandy to the museum, the crying stopped in the former owner’s home. The weird things followed Mandy to the museum, including footsteps being heard through the hallways when no one is around.


The origins of Amanda are not known, but her legend first started after she was sold on eBay several years ago. Since that sale, she has been traded and sold more than 10 times, never staying in the same place for very long. Her current owner has said that she can be heard scratching the inside of her glass case, trying to escape. Previous owners of the doll have said that she brought bad luck, and others have said that she moves from place to place on her own.


Jayne Harris is a paranormal investigator who has taken photos and videos of a haunted doll by the name of Peggy. Peggy is a doll that reportedly has an effect on people who have never even been around her. When photos and videos of the doll were posted on the Internet, 80 people reported suffering from headaches, feeling anxious, and even seeing images of mental institutions. One woman even reported suffering from a heart attack after viewing online videos of the doll. How are you feeling right now?

The Blindfolded Doll

No one knows the name of this doll that was found In Singapore, on the side of the road, with its eyes covered by a blindfold. The doll has been seen moving around on its own, moving its head from side to side and has even been rumored to speak in an adult woman’s voice. It is believed that the owner of the doll blindfolded the doll and abandoned it so it couldn’t find him or her again. Others say that everyone who has lifted the blindfold has indeed been followed by this creepy toy.


Caroline is a haunted porcelain doll that most people claim at least isn’t actually evil. Found in a Massachusetts antiques shop, the doll is said to be haunted by three ghosts that actually fight over who will control it. People also say when you hold the doll up to your ear, it will whisper to you.


You’ve likely heard of Annabelle the doll from the movies Annabelle and The Conjuring. What you may not realize is that this doll, which is said to be surrounded by a horrible demon was made to look much scarier for the movies. In reality, the doll is this friendly looking Raggedy Anne doll. Don’t let her appearance fool you, as paranormal experts have warned literally everyone to keep their distance.


Emilia is one of the oldest dolls on this list since she was made in the 1800’s. She’s also one of the most storied, considering she once belonged to the king of Italy. Having “lived” that long seems to have allowed the doll to pick up some ghosts. These days, the doll can be heard crying for its mama. What makes this spooky as hell, is that the voice box has been confirmed to be broken long ago.


There may not be a creepy doll that is haunted rather than one that is supposed to be your friend. The Elmo doll is also one of the most famous stories. One particular family brought home one Elmo doll that started saying “kill” before it said a person’s name. To this day, no one is sure what is in this doll, and the family got rid of it, so no one knows what happened to it.