20 Reasons You Should Avoid Australia At All Costs

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For many people around the world, Australia is the ultimate mothership. Blessed with incredible summers, even better beaches and some of the most killer activities in the world, the country attracts thousands of new residents and even more tourists each year. There is another side to Oz, however, that you might not be so thrilled with. Home to some of the most deadly wildlife and plenty of killer storms, Australia is one of the most dangerous places you could choose to live in the world. If you already live in Australia, we feel your pain. If not, revel in the crazy dangers that lurk in every corner of the mammoth country.


Despite being the size of a small emu, and donning some colorful headgear, the cassowary is not one to mess with. One of the most aggressive birds around, they have been known to attack humans on a regular basis. Whilst the animals are mainly confined in controlled environments around Australia, many still lurk in the wild.

Australian Waters

Whilst you might think that it’s safe to enter the Australian waters inland, think again. The country’s lakes and rivers have been known to contain deadly diseases and virus strains that, if you become exposed to, could prove to be fatal. Swim, anyone?

Deadly Pythons

If snakes aren’t your thing, you might want to reconsider making the move to Australia. With a huge population of the deadliest snakes on the planet, Australia isn’t exactly the safest place to be, and unless the prospect of being ingested alive doesn’t scare you, we suggest avoiding the creatures at all costs.

Box Jellyfish

Teeth aren’t always the only thing you should fear, however. The box jellyfish is a creature with neither teeth nor claws and yet, can be responsible for irreparable damage and injury. Releasing a venom deadly to humans, the box jellyfish is not one to mess with and if you think you see tentacles in the water, you should swim in the opposite direction.

Irukandji Jellyfish

One of the most minute creatures in the water, the irukandji jellyfish isn’t much to look at. Be wary of getting close to the miniature jellyfish, however; with a venom 100 times more deadly than that of a cobra, the sea creature is incredibly dangerous and if you manage to spot one before it’s too late, brace yourself for a whole lot of pain.

Saltwater Crocodiles

The words “never smile at a crocodile” get a little too real when you come face to face with the toothy reptiles. There’s no denying the fact that crocodiles are one of the most deadly predators known to man, and if you make your way to Australia, they’re everywhere to be seen.

Flying Fox

While bats might often be mistaken for small birds, there are a number of species which can grow to be much larger. The flying fox is roughly the size of a small child, and is truly the stuff of nightmares. Although the creatures only eat plant matter, the mere sight of them is enough to put anyone off venturing into the wilderness alone.

Giant Venomous Centipedes

Anything with more than four legs should be avoided like the plague, and in Australia, there’s no end to the many-legged critters. The most dangerous is without a doubt the giant venomous centipede, which gets its name for its nasty bite. While normally harmless, the centipede’s venom has been known to cause extreme physical pain and in rare occasions, death.


If you’re not from Australia, then you might not really be aware of what a dingo is, or how deadly it can be. A breed of wild dog, dingoes are some of the most aggressive creatures that roam Australia. In fact, they’re so vicious that they have been known to kill human babies in one fell swoop, snatching them away in their jaws.

Textile Cone

Whilst it might not look like much, the textile cone is a creature with a seriously deadly impact. A tiny snail, the textile cone has a bite worse than its bark and if you come into contact with its deadly venom, it can be incredibly serious indeed. Worse still, the snail’s teeth can penetrate wet suits and gloves, making everyone at risk of being injured by the creature.

Venomous Snakes

Australia is home to a huge number of snake species and some are more deadly than others. With bites that could cause serious injury to even the sturdiest of adults, brightly colored venomous snakes are not to be messed with. Whilst their intricate patterns and exotic skins might seem enticing, it’s all a trick to get you to come closer.


It’s no secret that the waters off the Australian coast are some of the most deadly and dangerous around. Filled with a whole host of hungry predators, you have to be pretty brave to venture into the deeps. Just one of the terrifying bunch is the stonefish, an innocuous looking creature that blends into its surroundings. As soon as you touch it, however, things get nasty, and with giving off an incredibly venomous sting, the dormant creatures should be avoided at all costs.

Coconut Crab

Crabs are hardly anyone’s idea of a cute and cuddly animal, but when they grow to the size of a small dog, there’s good reason to be alarmed. A land-loving animal, the coconut crab has been known to venture far inland and with a scarily strong pincer, it should always be left alone.

Blue Ringed Octopus

Don’t be fooled by its beauty; the blue ringed octopus is one of the most dangerous creatures in the Australian seas. The venom of these colorful creatures packs a seriously brutal punch and just one touch could spell the end for anyone who dares get near.

Funnel Web Spiders

Australia is known as the land of the creepy crawly, and hosts hundreds of species of deadly spiders. While many of the creatures are relatively harmless, the same cannot be said of the funnel web spider. As large as a tarantula and much more dangerous, this species of spider has a venom that will shut down human nervous systems in a few minutes flat. Even worse, they tend to travel in groups, so if you see one, it’s likely that even more are lurking in the shadows.

Paralysis Ticks

Australia is infamous for its collection of scary bugs and in most cases, the smaller the insect, the more dangerous it can be. One of the smallest of the lot, paralysis ticks are not something that you want to get under your skin. Once the bug hooks on to a human host, it will feed until it’s at least quadrupled in size and in many cases, the creature’s taste for blood can lead to paralysis in the human’s respiratory system.

Bull Shark

The Australian waters are home to any number of dangerous sharks and while most of them reside in the oceans, a few species make the treacherous journey inland. The bull shark is just one of many species which swim through the Australian rivers and shallow coasts, proving that nowhere in the country’s waters can be trusted.


Mosquitoes are undeniably the most irritating and hated creature across the world and unfortunately, Australia has way too many of the insects. Dotted with swamp land, Australia makes the perfect home for the blood-sucking bug, and if you hate getting bitten, you will probably want to avoid the country entirely.


If you want to bathe in the warm Australian waters, think before you do so. A huge variety of jellyfish lie in waiting and above all else, the bluebottle jellyfish is one of the most deadly. While at first glance it may appear to be a harmless indigo balloon, the truth could not be more different. Floating on the water’s surface, the creature is known for its painful stings and whilst they might not prove fatal, they certainly pack a nasty punch.

Great White Shark

We’re saving the best until last and if you aren’t terrified of the deadly great white, then you should seriously take another look at the creatures. Growing up to 4 meters in length, the mammoth fish has been known to saw boats in half with its teeth alone. While shark attacks are few and far between, those that do occur are normally fatal.