10 Of The Scariest Christmas Movies Ever

Secret Santa

In Secret Santa, a woman finishes her shift at work and notices a gift on top of her car. She heads to the gym and when she returns there’s another gift on the car. When she comes home, there’s a third gift on the porch. However, this one comes with the note saying “For on this Christmas Eve, I am taking your head.” The video ends before she can react and all you see is blood everywhere.

Footsteps in the Snow

Footsteps in the Snow is a story about an elderly gentleman heading home after evening Mass on Christmas Eve. While walking, he hears footsteps behind him that keep time with his own, including when he stops. After a while, he loses his nerve and runs the rest of the way home despite his age. He then has a friend over and has dinner with him and his friend sleeps over, yet when he wakes up his housekeeper tells him he didn’t have any guests. He can’t figure out what’s happening and everything makes no sense. The following day, he receives a letter that Andy, his friend, had died in a distant city on Christmas Eve.