20 Ways To Actually Get Things Done The Way You Need To

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Whether you work from home or outside of the home, you probably find it difficult to get things done the way you want them done. Maybe you have too much to do and you need a way to get things done easier, faster, and better. You should understand, first of all, that you are only one person and you can’t do everything yourself even if you want to and think you can. Calm down and check out these 20 ways to actually get things done the way you need to.

Understand Where You Are Now And Figure Out Where You Want To Be

First, figure out where you are right now with work and life. Then, sit down and figure out where you want to be and want you want to accomplish every day. Having an understanding of this will help you move forward with the most important things with work and life.

Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Getting at least 8 solid hours of sleep every night should make you feel refreshed in the morning and ready to get going on whatever you need to do the next day. In order to get the rest you need, stop caffeine at least a couple of hours before bedtime. You should also make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet. This means no lights and no TV. Your bedroom is for sleep, so keep it that way and you will get the rest you need, feeling refreshed the next day to hit the ground running.

Get Your MITS Done First

What are MITS? They are your most important tasks you need to get done first. Make a list of your MITS and even call them that. Write them down and cross them off as you do them. If you get nothing else done that day, at least you were productive enough to get your MITS done first.

Clean Out Your Email

Every time you get an email, read it and then figure out what to do with it. If it isn’t important, delete it right away. Don’t let it clutter up your inbox. If it is important and want to read it later, archive it and put it away right away. Nothing is worse for keeping you from getting things done than a cluttered up inbox.

Get Enough Exercise

If you are always tired, it is most likely because you are sitting around working on the computer all day. You need exercise just like everyone else does. It will help make you feel better. Try exercising for 30 minutes to an hour every day and you will feel a lot better. It will give you the energy you need to get things done easier, faster, and better. You could try exercising for a half hour before work and then a half hour after work. Try it!

Don’t Take On Work That Has Deadlines

If you have a problem meeting deadlines, try to find work that doesn’t require you to meet deadlines. This will make you feel less stressed and make you want to work when you want to, not when you have to. That is, unless you can meet deadlines pretty good. If so, make sure to do everything you can to meet the deadline to make the client happy and make yourself look as professional as you are.

Stay Off Social Media Websites

Stay off social media websites like Facebook and Twitter while working. If you are signed into these sites while working, it will just make you want to stop working every five minutes just to check to see what your friends are up to. Stay off until your MITS are done, at least.

Keep A Schedule And Work When Most Productive

Figure out when you are most productive during the day and work when you are. Some people feel better working in the afternoon and overnight while others feel more productive in the early morning hours. Try to work when your workplace is quieter and this will help you get things done. Keeping a schedule during the most productive time for you will really help you achieve what you need to and what you want to.


If you have a problem you want to solve, brainstorm for ideas to help you solve it. You can make a circle with the problem in the middle and jot down ideas of solving this problem around it. This will help you figure out what is causing your problem and what to do about it. Then, you can move forward with what needs to be done.

Use A Timer

Set a timer on your computer or use a real one. Work in short 10-minute spurts, taking two-minute breaks. Working in short spurts will help you accomplish the things you want to even if you only work on it for 10-minutes at a time. You can also set the timer for any time you want and take your breaks when you want. Just make sure to take small breaks every once in a while or you will get burnt out quick.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No Sometimes

When someone asks you to do something for them and you already have enough on your plate, don’t be afraid to say no if you can’t take it on. This is because you don’t want to commit to too much work. When you take on too much, you aren’t getting much done but the overload you took on. Overloading yourself just pushes back you MITS and you don’t want to do this to yourself.

Don’t Try To Multitask

Although some people say they can actually do this, you can end up making mistakes on whatever you are trying to do and you can end up losing concentration. The brain can switch gears, but it can also make you mess up on things easily when you are trying to do too many things at once.

Get The Most Boring Or Worst Task Done First And Out Of The Way

As the saying goes, if you ‘eat the frog’ meaning get the most boring or worst task done first, it will be out of the way right away and you can move on to better things. This way, it is done and gone and you never have to do it again. Then you can work on the fun stuff. Putting off the worst task will only make it even worse for you because it is not going away until you accomplish it. You will feel a lot better this way and can move on with your day with better things to do.

Slow Down

Slow down and make time for yourself. If you wear yourself out, you are only hurting yourself. Take the time to eat nutritional meals and you will feel much better about working throughout your day. Don’t push yourself too hard because this will make you fail every time.

Create A Routine

Having a habitual routine for everything you do will help you get it done easier. If you have a certain routine every day, it will allow you to move things forward easily and faster. However, sometimes you might want to change up the routine because it can get boring after a while.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes working in the same spot can make you not want to do anything because it can get boring. Try to work in different areas of the house if you work from home. If you work outside of the home and can’t do this, at least get up every once in a while and go someplace else for a few minutes to help you clear your mind and make room for more things that need to be done.

Don’t Think You Can’t Accomplish Something When You Can

Replace the words, “I can’t” with “how?” You can do what you put your mind to if you really want to do it. Anyone can do anything they want to or need to do if they put their mind to it and just get it done instead of saying, “I can’t.”

When Struggling, Stop For A Few Minutes

If you are struggling with something, stop and walk around if you can. Go outside if you can to help you clear your mind for what you need to do. Stopping what you are doing for a few minutes is a lot better and easier on you than trying to push yourself through what you are having a hard time doing. Stop and take a breath. Clear your mind and then go back to it and you will be able to easily get it done.

Snack Healthy

Everyone likes to snack but make sure it is healthy for you. If you eat something fattening or something with a lot of carbs while you are working, you will find yourself feeling sluggish afterwards. Eat healthy snacks to help you get through your day better.

Create A Monthly Goals Calendar

Creating a monthly goals calendar for your monthly goals will help you achieve them easier, better, and faster. This will help bring you faster to success. Make sure to update the calendar when something new pops up. Cross things off once your goals are accomplished.