10 Of The Scariest Christmas Movies Ever

People love their Christmas horror movies. The fact that the horror comedy called Krampus managed to score a second best opening sales at the box office shows just how much people really dig the spooky, weird stuff that happens around Christmas. We don’t like it all jolly after all. We’ve gone through the movie data bases and found the creepiest pieces of holiday horror for you to watch if you’re a horror junkie. Check our list below and be prepared to be amazed, and frightened.


In the story of the movie Santa, two sisters wake up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve when they hear noise coming from downstairs. One of the sisters goes to check and finds Santa to be a green monster.

Deathly Presents

In the movie called Deathly Presents, a family comes downstairs on Christmas. A father opens a gift for his son and even though the gift is making growling noises and it’s shaking he still proceeds. When he finally opens it, inside is a demon that hands him a note saying “Open Me”. When they open the note, his son is dead.