10 Of The Most Shockingly Pointless Scientific Studies Ever Carried Out

Sword Swallowing Causes Throat Problems

Anyone who has ever seen a sword swallower has probably thought that they must have injured their insides. After all, dropping a razor sharp blade into your mouth doesn’t exactly look like the safest thing to do. Brian Witcombe looked at more than 110 performers and found that the most common complaint was a sore throat and that injuries were more likely to occur when they used larger or unusually shaped swords.

Cure for Hiccups

Hiccups are a pain for anyone who gets them. They can last for hours at a time and despite the thousands of supposed remedies that people might tell you, almost nothing seems to work every time. In 1998, a paper published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine revealed that scientists had found a sure way to get rid of hiccups, through digital rectal massaging. In other words, a person can be cured by someone putting their finger up their bottom.