10 Of The Most Shocking Sporting Cheats Of All Time

Michel Pollentier

Professional cycling has been associated with cheating and doping for decades. Even though Lance Armstrong has become the most famous individual to be known for cheating in the sport, others have done equally shameful things as they tried to fool authorities. Michel Pollentier was banned after he used a complicated pump system hidden under his shirt to make it seem like he was peeing into a container during a urine test. Officials found the device and treated the incident as if the cyclist had failed the drug test.

Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding made headlines in the USA following a feud with fellow ice skater Nancy Kerrigan. Days before an important competition, a man who used a large weapon to try to break her leg attacked Kerrigan. While the injury was not as bad as first feared, it did force her to miss a few weeks of training and competition. What was most controversial, though, was the fact that Harding orchestrated the attack along with her ex-husband to ensure that one of her main competitors would be unable to beat her.