10 Of The Most Painful Bites And Stings Known To Man

Some of the most terrifyingly painful bites or stings don’t come from the largest beasts in the animal kingdom. Instead, these shocking attacks come from some of the smallest of creatures – generally bugs or spiders – that wander into our homes in the dead of night and sting us in our sleep. The shock of a pincer or a stinger going into our skin is enough to wake anyone up, but those who are already awake will find themselves in searing, screaming pain when they get attacked. Here are ten of the most painful bites or stings in the entire world.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

The Brazilian Wandering Spider is sometimes known as the banana spider, as they are commonly found on banana leaves. These eight-legged behemoths are a bit terrifying, though, as they raise their front legs straight up into the air before striking. They are extremely venomous.

Candiru Fish

The candiru fish is quite a tiny specimen that mainly feasts on blood. They can often be found within the gills of another, much larger fish, and are known to swim up a human’s urethra. Upon wiggling inside, they make their home in the small hole. The pain of their bite is said to be beyond horrible.