10 Of The Most Impressive Man-Made Discoveries Under The Sea

The ocean remains a mystery, despite explorers and divers having searched as much as they possible can within the past few decades. There are just too many points deep under the ocean that man cannot reach, though our technology is improving every year, allowing us to explore far more. Today, a lot of man-made objects and structures have been discovered after having sunk to the very bottom of the sea. Here are the ten most impressive man-made discoveries under the sea.

Once Extinct German Bomber

During World War 2, during the Battle of Britain, a German bomber known as the Dornier 17 was present in the fighting, despite production having been stopped in the 1940s. Only 2,000 were built, and not survived further than 1952. Divers discovered the last one in 2008 at Goodwin Sands, Kent, UK.

Uluburun Shipwreck

The Uluburun Shipwreck was an accidental discovery back in 1982 when a sponge diver happened across the wreck off the coast of Turkey. The entire vessel had been constructed using cedar, and is probably the oldest seagoing ship in the world.