10 Of The Most Frustrating Unsolved Crimes

The sheer brutality of crime can often be represented in the media, as the news just loves to tear apart a criminal and what they have done and bring the worst to the surface. Unfortunately for those newspapers and websites, some crimes have remained unsolved after decades, leaving no one to blame and no headlines to make money off of. Not all crimes are considered brutal or violent, but the ten featured here are some of the most frustrating unsolved crimes in history. Everything from Jack the Ripper to the biggest jewelry heist ever committed. We have it all!

Whitechapel Killings

In 1888, there were a series of eleven brutal murders committed within the Whitechapel District of London’s East End. These were the victims of the serial killer dubbed “Jack the Ripper.” To this day, the identity of this killer has never come to light.

John Middleton Clayton

The murder of John Middleton Clayton on January 29, 1889, in Pinkerton, Arkansas, remains one of the most mysterious killings. The murder happened after his defeat for a seat in congress. He was then gunned down in front of his home. The Pinkerton detectives never found the suspect.