10 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made

Every single person in the world makes mistakes, it is just a part of human life that nobody is infallible. The important thing to do is to learn from them and try to minimize their consequences. However, not every mistake has the same effect, with some having far reaching costs that can affect the lives of thousands if not millions of people. In some very rare instances, the errors can even cost huge amounts of money and be hugely expensive for everyone involved, like those in this article.

Misplaced Comma In Contract Costs $1 Million

A contract dispute between Rogers Communications and Bell Aliant was settled after it emerged that the document contained a misplaced comma that changed the grammatical meaning of one of the clauses. This allowed Bell Aliant to cancel it with just a year’s notice rather than five as had originally been intended, costing Rogers Communications $1 million.

Banner Travel Services Misprint

Banner Travels Services, a travel agency from California, placed an advertisement in an edition of the Yellow Pages informing customers of its specialization in exotic destinations. Unfortunately, this came out in the ad as erotic destinations and the agency sued the printing company for a staggering $10 million.