10 Of The Most Disgusting Parasites In The World

Sure, there are probably about a handful of individuals who actually enjoy parasites, or creepy little creatures they could hold in their hand. For most people, though, these little critters make their skin crawl and want to deep scrub every part of their body. The scientists who spend their lives researching various parasites are true heroes, and we should commend them on teaching everyone else without requiring them to get hands-on. Here are ten of the most disgusting parasites ever.


Bedbugs may be rather tiny, but these little nighttime creatures have been on the rise throughout the world in recent years. They are certainly not deadly, but they do feed on the blood of their victims.


Lice, like bedbugs, are not deadly at all, but they have become an epidemic amongst children who spend most of their time in classrooms. These annoying little parasites thrive in the hair of their host body, and generally lay eggs within their first week.