10 Of The Most Dangerous Cosmetic Items

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Most people know that women absolutely love their cosmetic items. Bathrooms are overflowing with various lipsticks, glosses, eyelash brushes, compact mirrors, hair sprays, false nails, foundation, concealer, the list goes on. Unfortunately, for the women who absolutely adore those items, some of these may actually be highly dangerous for your health and for those around you. Spending a lot of money to look good will always come at a high price, but is your life actually worth the extra length on those lashes or nails? Here are ten of the most dangerous cosmetic items that women tend to buy regularly.

Expired Products

Most people don’t check the date on the bottom of a product, especially when it is a cosmetic item. However, that perfect shade of lipstick or eyeliner actually does go bad. Most beauty products only last around 10 months, then become breeding grounds for bacteria of all forms.

False Nails

Despite looking quite nice, false nails are generally really cheap and contain massive amounts of ethylene, which has been found to cause multiple respiratory problems by researchers. Skin cancer is even a potential problem.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Anti-acne and anti-wrinkle creams, despite being marketed as incredibly useful and perfectly safe, are actually loaded with chemicals that cause soreness, redness, swelling, burning, and skin irritation when used for too long.

Shared Products

While many women may have their own personal stash of make-up, a lot of young girls tend to share their beauty products with their friends. Sharing can lead to a lot of bacteria and diseases being spread amongst a group of friends in a matter of moments.

Fish Pedicures

Fish pedicures have become all the rage amongst savvy women looking for a new way to get their toe-nails done. However, the fish eating away the dead skin may be allowing bacteria into the fish and water, which is then used for the next person.


Lipstick is one of the most popular beauty products in the entire world, but it is also considered to be one of the most dangerous. 67 percent of all marketed lipstick products contain copious amounts of lead, which is dangerous in large quantities, and can even cause cancer.


Mascara is another insanely popular make-up used by most women, but applying a lot of make-up can actually cause irritation within the eyes and even infections on a regular basis for those who are not careful.

Hair Dyes

We all know someone who uses hair dye on a regular basis to change their natural color. Unfortunately, chemicals within the dyes have been known to cause skin sores, swelling, hair loss, and even death in some rare cases.

Hair Straighteners

Women with curly hair sometimes want to feel what those with straight hair are experiencing, so hair straighteners were invented. These ultra-hot products can actually cause scalp tissue to loosen, leading to hair loss.


Eyeliner looks quite sexy on most women, so it is understandable why so many choose to wear it regularly. However, you should replace eyeliner every three months, as bacteria and harmful chemicals can rise to the surface after this time period.