10 Of The Craziest Concept Cars That Have Ever Been Designed

People all over the world love their cars, from top of the range racers to incredibly luxurious models that cater for every comfort. However, many of the most eye catching and innovative cars that are designed will never go on sale because they are concept cars. These are vehicles that have been specially created to test new features or invent new types of technology. Their vast expense and the fact that many of the parts can’t be mass produced means that they are simply too cost-prohibitive to go into full production, but they do give a good insight into what direction the motor industry might go in and still have the ability to wow anyone that sees them.


The BMW Gina is a unique car in that it doesn’t have a solid body, instead it has a special layer of skin spread over the strong metal frame. This layer of skin is much lighter than a traditional body and can stretch and bend over the features of the car, making it much lighter and more environmentally friendly.


Although it looks like something you would expect to see in the science fiction movie, the A360 is a real concept car designed by Huynh Ngoc Lan in 2008. It makes innovative use of three large spheres to move the car around rather than standard wheels, which allow the car to move in any direction at a moment’s notice. The cockpit even rotates so that the driver is facing the direction of travel at all times.