10 Of The Most Dangerous Animals In Australia

Australia is the home to thousands upon thousands of different species of animals, insects, fish, and more, and yet most of those are actually quite dangerous to the general population. The country is the home to some of the most dangerous and deadly animals on the entire planet, believe it or not, which makes us a bit wary to take a lengthy trip their in the summer time. Sharks, spiders, and snakes get the majority of the bad press, despite horses being a major killer in the country. Here are ten of the most dangerous animals throughout Australia.

Reef Stonefish

The reef stonefish has the incredibly capability of camouflaging itself so it appears like an rock in the water. By stepping on this deadly fish, though, the dorsal fin spines inject an extremely poisonous venom capable of killing a human being if left untreated.

Redback Spider

The redback spider is found in various regions throughout Australia, especially within disturbed and urban areas. The notorious Black Widow is a close relative to the redback, and the only differences is the appearances of a red stripe.