10 Of The Largest Things In The World

Everyone has heard of the expression “size doesn’t matter”, however it actually matters a lot. How else would we know if something is big or small? Nature creates everything and everyone in all shapes and sizes, which is why there is so much diversity around us and our world appears a lot more interesting. This list features the largest things across a wide range of categories, from body parts to snack foods and everything in between.

Largest Goldfish

This giant monstrosity is not a genetically modified breed or a freak of nature. It is just the size this specific specie of orange koi carp grows to. This particular catch weighed over 30 pounds, the same as a three year old girl.

Largest iPod

You might think that this is one of those gimmick products that just looks like an iPod but doesn’t work, but you are wrong. The world’s largest iPod can be seen attached to the side of Unizan Bank in Ohio and was created for Columbus Alive, an entertainment magazine.