20 Photos That Are Sure To Make You Cringe

The wonders of the Internet have brought us some of the greatest and funniest images of all time, from epic gifs to remarkable photography. There are some pictures, however, that would make anyone stop and think twice about what exactly it is they are seeing. Such pictures can be manipulated or totally accidental – you can decide for yourself if the ones on this list were intentional or not. Here are twenty pictures that will either make you laugh or cry, but most definitely will make you cringe.

Family Fun

One has to wonder what in the world this family was thinking when they decided that it would be a great idea to pose this way. Never mind the cult-like perfectly matching blue jeans and white button-down shirts, but did they have to sit that way on the tree branch? Not both legs on the same side or something else a bit less weird?

Make-up Gone Wrong

Who knew a simple application of mascara could become such a big problem? Apparently, not this girl. While it was more than likely just an unfortunate trick of shadow and light, one has to wonder if the person who took the picture knew what they were seeing at the time.