20 Photos That Are Sure To Make You Cringe

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The wonders of the Internet have brought us some of the greatest and funniest images of all time, from epic gifs to remarkable photography. There are some pictures, however, that would make anyone stop and think twice about what exactly it is they are seeing. Such pictures can be manipulated or totally accidental – you can decide for yourself if the ones on this list were intentional or not. Here are twenty pictures that will either make you laugh or cry, but most definitely will make you cringe.

Family Fun

One has to wonder what in the world this family was thinking when they decided that it would be a great idea to pose this way. Never mind the cult-like perfectly matching blue jeans and white button-down shirts, but did they have to sit that way on the tree branch? Not both legs on the same side or something else a bit less weird?

Make-up Gone Wrong

Who knew a simple application of mascara could become such a big problem? Apparently, not this girl. While it was more than likely just an unfortunate trick of shadow and light, one has to wonder if the person who took the picture knew what they were seeing at the time.

Hand Placement

At first glance, you will probably think to yourself “What is going on down there?!” After a moment, you will, of course, realize that it is only the hand belonging to the guy on the right. This would be direct evidence of how a totally innocently intended photo can go horribly awry.

Basketball Love

Few can say they have been intimately acquainted with sports royalty. The Spurs fan on the left, however, probably was not expecting to get some kind of up close and personal action with a professional basketball player. Kudos to the photographer for brilliant timing.


Reasons not to buy cars with flesh colored interiors: things like this are bound to happen. Merely posing in with both legs in front of her, this girl is unaware of the fact that the seat makes it look as though her legs are spread wide open for the world to see.

Let Me Get That For You

We’re not sure who is more uncomfortable with this magical find: the guy picking another dude’s nose or the guy getting his nose picked. If they were teammates, they would probably laugh it off, no big deal. In this case, though, this incident probably fueled some competitive fire on the court.

Just Hanging Out

A simple employee photo of a normal waitress. That is, until you look down. While one can dismiss it as a trick of the light, for a minute you really do think to yourself “Wait. What? Is that for real?!” Probably not, but it still merits a place on a list of very uncomfortable photos.

Balls Out

We all know how intense a soccer match can get and how emotional the players all are throughout the game. This, though, takes the cake for awkward moments on the field. While both players involved here probably thought nothing of an altercation over the ball, this is absolutely a photo we won’t soon forget.

Romantic or Creepy?

We would all really like to know what exactly this dude was thinking when he decided to pay someone cash money for this catastrophe. Staring at yourself making out with your significant other may not be the best way to go, buddy. Let’s at least hope that his lady friend had a good sense of humor about it.

The Pain of Defeat

Sports fans everywhere seem to be having a really tough go of it on this list. Context might tell us that the two fine gents in this picture were simply reacting to a bad game, but in the still-frame from that moment, we are instead left with what looks like a horribly compromising position.

You Had To Stand Like That?

Kids go to parks with their parents. Parents watch over their kids while playing. Kids get thirsty or hot and go to grab some water. Dads make sure their kids are okay. All perfectly reasonable. What on earth possessed this guy to stand that way while directly in front of a fountain at a particular height on the wall, though, we have no idea.

Lacking Grace

Figure skating already gets a bad rap for being one of the most flashy and flamboyant competitive sports out there, but this is something else entirely. In the middle of what we are sure is a very difficult pose, one photographer was at precisely the wrong angle.

Olympic Pain

We get it. It’s hard work being an athlete and even more stressful to be in the international spotlight. So with the whole world watching, maybe you might want to think twice before touching certain parts of yourself on camera, no matter whether clothing was involved or not.

More Family Fun

Were these guys aware that there was a naked person sprawled behind them when this photo was taken? Evidently not or they might have had the photographer take a few steps to the side. While we have no issue at all with nudity, we are pretty sure this is not what these lovely folks were going for.

Who You Gonna Call?

This is why headshots exist for actors all over the world. There is a very limited amount of damage that can be done with just a simple picture of a person from the shoulders up. When you get into full-length body photography, these are the sort of problems you run into.

Need for Speed

Thank goodness for those souvenir cameras on pretty much every big roller coaster in the country or else we would not have ever discovered this gem. That will, hopefully, teach anyone with a weak stomach not to chug all those milkshakes right before a ride.

Fashion Slip

Ladies, the next time you wear a tiny skirt, be aware of where exactly you are bending down. We are very curious to know what the advertisement of the guy in the photo looking up is for. Either the photographer here was just a creeper peeping tom or they saw the hilarity in the ad guy. Either way, awkward.

Poster Girl

We have to imagine that this situation happened more than just once, when this picture was taken. Note to all companies that advertise on large scale posters or boards: think of the height and position of your ad before things like this happen. It’s just bizarre.

Presidential Problems

There are a thousand things that could be said about the former President George W. Bush’s seemingly compromising position within this photo, but we will simply state that we’re hoping the guy on the left was only smiling because he was in the White House.

And The Winner Is…

Family photos are a time for reflection and posterity and happiness. At the center of any family gathering is that family’s patriarch, right? Once you notice what is between his legs, though, you might start to question a few things. We’re not sure what exactly it is, but we do know what it looks like.