10 Of The Funniest Business Names Ever

Names create the first impression, and first impressions last. Every person with a childhood knows that having a funny name such as ‘Boner’ or ‘Dickie Head’ will instantly have you picked on. A funny and unfortunate name will definitely land you to the ‘Must Bully List’. It’s not fun at all. In business, the business name is also the name of the game. But some business names are just soooo… unfortunate. Whether done for laughs, to get noticed, or simply because people were oblivious, here are the 10 most unfortunate business we have encountered. Enjoy.

Hand Job Nails & Spa

Because of course that’s what they do in a nail salon and spa.

Retarded Childrens

Okay, I can forgive them for their politically incorrect business name. But I can never forgive them for their wrong plural form of ‘childrens’!