10 Of The Friskiest Countries In The World

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While we often think of the United States as the place where fun and frivolity come together all the time, there are some countries that actually beat the United States when it comes to being the friskiest. This means these countries have a rather liberal few on sex and their citizens also love to engage in the act of sex. It’s not even that they like to engage in sex, it’s that they like to have sex quite a bit whenever and wherever they can. If you’re someone who wants to see the world in a really interesting way, then you’re probably going to want to put 10 of the friskiest countries in the world on your bucket list.


Spain has repeatedly topped lists for having the “best male lovers.” Reportedly a quarter of the population rates their sexual performance as excellent, and ninety percent of Spaniards say that they are completely sexually satisfied. There are also a ton of nude beaches in the country and sex is allowed on most of them.


In Mexico, 63% of the country claims to have completely satisfied sex lives. In 2008, Mexico supplied students with over 700,000 sex education books that covers everything from abortion to homosexuality. Additionally, prostitution has been decriminalized, and is regulated in more than half of Mexico’s states.


Greece has been quite liberal in its approach to sex for centuries. These days, Greeks rank second in duration of sex with 22.3 minutes on average and the average Greek citizen has sex 164 times a year. Fifty-one percent (just over half) of the country says that they are more than sexually satisfied.


Nigeria is sexually repressed in some areas, such as their ban and high penalties for same sex marriage. At the same time, lots of people are having sex and aren’t real interested in Monogamy. 62 percent of Nigerian women have reported they’ve cheated on a partner.


Brazil has a huge Catholic population. Despite that, the country is also considered one of the most sexually liberal countries in the world. Brazilian men were ranked as the world’s “second best lovers” in a recent study while eighty-two percent of Brazilians are having sex as much as three times a week. Protitution is also legal in Brazil.


Switzerland is one of those countries that is always near the top of the list when talking about this topic. One of the reasons the country ranks so high is because the country allows legal prostitution. They’re also much more liberal with the amount of nudity they show on television.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has quite the rep as a frisky country. The country even has an infamous red light district. The Netherlands also offers residents and tourists plenty of nude beaches to choose from, as well as open sex education policies. The Netherlands’ sex education curriculum is called “Long Live Love.”


Italy not only has a lot of sex inside it’s borders but over 33 percent of Italians say they expect sexual encounters to last more than 10 minutes while 64% are sexually satisfied.


While China is a country no on would ever think of as sexually liberal, it turns out the Chinese are actually having quite a bit of sex. Part of the reason China is becoming more sexually active is due to technology. Cyber sex is popular and the sale of sex toys online are soaring. Nearly 70% of sex toys are manufactured in China. China even holds a yearly SEXPO in Shanghai.


Australia might be kind of a surprising addition to this list but Cosmo reports that over one quarter of Australian women would not change their partner or sex lives since they’re completely satisfied. Additionally, the number one fantasy for Australian women is to have a threesome.

It seems Australians have no problem sleeping around. The average Australian man has had 25 sexual partners while the average Aussie woman has had an average of nine.