10 Of The Creepiest Souvenirs Serial Killers Have Kept From Their Victims

Anatoly Onoprienko And His Victim’s Underwear

When police in the Ukraine captured Anatoly Onoprienko in 1996, he admitted to killing 52 people, mostly by shooting them. Onoprienko would select an isolated house which he would terrorize before killing everyone who was inside, be it by gun, axe, or hammer, and then burning the house down, which resulted in the nickname “The Terminator.” Onoprienko was able to recount every disturbing detail of every murder he committed and by all accounts, he was incredibly proud of what he had done. As a way to commemorate his dastardly crimes and to relive what he had done, Onoprienko kept the underwear that each of his victims were wearing when he killed them, even giving some of them to his girlfriend to wear. After committing 43 murders in 6 months, he’d amassed quite the trophy collection of underwear.

Ahmad Suradji And His Victim’s Saliva

Although he is not as well known as some other serial killers, Ahmad Suradji was just as prolific. Suradji, born in Indonesia, killed 42 women between 1986-1997. Suradji murdered not so much for pleasure like many other serial killers, as he did to gain powers. He believed burying his victim’s dead bodies a certain way around his home would increase his magical powers. However, this wasn’t the only way he thought he gained power from them. After burying them up to their waists and then strangling them with a cable, Suradji would drain and drink their saliva. While many Indonesians believe in witchcraft, Suradji resorted to violent ways of acquiring supernatural power. Suradji dreamed that his father instructed him to murder 70 women and then drink the saliva of his victims if he wanted to increase his sorcery, so he set out to do just that. Although many serial killers keep body parts from their victims, saliva is a relatively unusual trophy. Suradji was executed by firing squad in 2008.