10 Of The Craziest Things That Government Have Wasted Money On

Buying Social Media Fans

The State Department spent an incredible $630,000 in 2013 on trying to grow its audience on social media sites. This included paying people to like the government department on Facebook and follow their account on Twitter, in the hope that this would allow them to reach a larger number of people and improve their reputation to foreign visitors.

Popular Romance Project

The Popular Romance is a United States government funded scheme that intends to look at the very idea of romance. Costing $1 million since it first launched in 2010, it is mainly focused on a website that will take “love and its stories seriously, wherever they may be found, the Popular Romance Project will spark a lively, thoughtful conversation between fans, authors, scholars, and the general public about the writing, production, and consumption of popular romance, including its history and transformation in the digital age.”