10 Of The Craziest Daredevils In The World

Robbie Knievel

It was always going to be difficult for Robbie Knievel to live up to the reputation of his father. However, he has certainly made a name for himself in the daredevil and stuntman community, having performed a number of crazy and risky stunts. He has managed to set more than 20 individual world records and even replicated a number of Evel’s own magnificent stunts.

Jeb Corliss

Jeb Corliss has developed a reputation for carrying out a variety of dangerous stunts. His primary focus has been on base jumping and skydiving. He has carried out a number of impressive and death-defying jumps from the likes of the Eifel Tower and the Seattle Space Needle, though he has also caused controversy after an arrest in 2006 for illegally climbing the Empire State Building.