10 Hilarious Unintentional Look-A-Likes That’ll Make You Laugh

In today’s world we take pictures of almost everything. From plants to trees, to animals and selfies — we simply love to take photos, but the truth is that no matter how hard some try it’s quite difficult to capture a picture that resembles something else. However, in a just perfect moment a miracle happens and an unintentional photograph is taken that manages to create an exact replica of someone else, resulting in true hilarity. Resembling some well-known faces, these 10 photos shows us some hilarious, yet unintentional look-a-likes that will certainly make you laugh.

Big Bird and Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has a ton of different clothes that can make her look outstanding and truly the royalty she is. However her yellow suit closely resembles Big Bird from Sesame Street. Coincidence?

Duck Face and Magica De Spell

If you didn’t know where the phrase duck face comes from, you should look no further than the similarities between the photos of this duck-faced woman and Magica De Spell from Duck Tales. If this isn’t an exact match, we don’t know what is.