10 Of The Craziest And Oddest Places To Get Married

Most people will end up married to their one true love at some point in their lifetime, and that is one of the happiest things to ever consider in this world. Most people tend to have their perfect wedding ceremony inside of a local church or on a massive green field filled with blooming flowers. Other people – more extreme individuals – tend to choose something a tad more weird to get married. Love can ensure you do plenty of crazy thing. Here are ten of the most extreme and odd places to get married.

Bungee Jumping

Some people take “taking the plunge” a tad too serious, so they decide to leap into marriage from over 164 feet in the air and off the side of a bridge. The ceremony is generally held atop the platform with a select handful of relatives, and then the couple jump together for the first time.

Happy Meal

Recently, a couple from Fairborn, Ohio, decided to get married at a local McDonald’s, which is there they met 3 years before tying the knot. The restaurant handled what they could, feeding and seating the relatives and the happy couple.

Clown Party

Most people don’t consider having a clown at their wedding, but that didn’t stop a recent couple, Carol Banner and Morgan Nilsen. The bride and groom loved clowns, so they had guests dress as them and performed activities, including mini-bike tricks and jousting.

Mid Air

Love can make you feel higher than the stars above, so some couples want to tie the knot as high in the air as possible. One British couple married while standing atop three bi-planes. One plane for each person in attendance, including the bride, the groom, and the marriage officiant.

Wheeled Wedding

A lot of people tend to head to Vegas when they want to get married on the quick. Some people, however, decide to use a renovated fire engine that has a miniature chapel on the back just for the man and woman getting married.

Hell Marriage

Weddings are generally covered in plenty of white and smiles, but Tina Milhoane and Robert Seifer married in the 7 Floors of Hell haunted house. The couple entered in a hearse and popped out of a coffin to marry by a man dressed as the Grim Reaper.

Underwater Wedding

Marriage sometimes sinks deep into the depths of the ocean, but thankfully there are scuba tanks and trained divers to help out. Getting married at the Jules Undersea Lodge can make the dream come true for one happy couple. Guests scuba dive down to the lodge, then relax.

Nudist Wedding

Most people wear a dress and a nice pressed tuxedo when they are performing their wedding ceremonies. Some couples every single year decide to don their birthday suits and go stark naked. The largest nude wedding had 29 couples exchanging vows.

Garbage Dump

Marriage stinks, right? Not usually for most people, but one couple decided to get married at the Bethel Transfer Station, which is just a massive garbage dump. The loving bride wore a $7,000 dress into the dump.

Mount Everest

There is no place higher in this world than Mount Everest, so one Nepalese couple decided to get married at the very peak, making headlines and records. Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati climbed to the top, then married within a 10 minute period.