10 Of The Best April Fools Jokes

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Because who doesn’t love a good April Fools’ joke? Shake up the daily grind with a great prank this April Fools. First pick your target. Maybe your mom, your little brother, girlfriend, or if you’re feelin’ a little ballsy, why not your boss or a teacher! Just remember to be sneaky when setting up the pranks. Nothing worse than planning a master prank and getting caught before you finish. Keep the tradition up and check out these ten simple, yet harmless ways to get the April Fools festivities started.

Broken Phone

When your friend or co-worker isn’t looking, snag their phone. Take a screen shot of their home page. Then move all their apps off the main page and set the screenshot as their background. Enjoy as they freak out thinking their phone is broken.

Free Puppies

Post an add on craigslist or similar site offering free puppies. Write some sob story how it breaks your heart that you can’t keep them, but want to make sure they go to a good home. Pick a super cute breed that no one can resist, then put your friends phone number as the contact. They will be blowing up with calls all day.

Toasty Tushy

Smear a little Icy Hot or Bengay on the toilet seat in the morning before your partner gets out of bed. Caution: a little goes a long way.

No Hablo Espanol

Change the language on someones phone. Unless they have every menu memorized, it will take quite a while to get back to English again.

No Parking Zone

Put pieces of paper about the size of a parking ticket on people’s windshields. On the back write, “April Fools!”

Late for a very important date!

Set all the clocks an hour early. Don’t forget the alarm clocks too!

Porcelain Throne

While plastic wrap on the toilet seat is a classic, this can get messy. Instead put a layer of bubble wrap underneath the toilet seat for a shocking surprise when they sit upon the throne.

Chalk Monsters

For those athletes out there (gymnasts, crossfitters, rock climbers etc) lay a fresh layer of chalk powder in the bottom of the chalk bowl. Add some food coloring and then cover with a fresh layer of chalk so you can’t see any of the color. Everyone will dive into the bowl and come out with a colorful surprise.

Bright Smile

Place a few drops of food coloring on your target’s toothbrush. Pick a color that matches the bristles for optimal sneakiness.


If you have the unfortunate experience of being the target of someone’s joke, right after they tell you “April Fools”, shoot back with, “Dude, that was yesterday. Today is April 2nd.