10 Of Nature’s Strangest Defense Mechanisms

Everyone who spent time in a High School science class should know of biology and the fight or flight principle in most animals, including human beings. When an animal is feeling threatened, they will either fight or run and live to fight another day. However, some animals have developed and evolved to form some truly impressive, and incredibly strange, defense mechanisms to tackle a foe when facing off against a creature much larger. Here are the ten strangest defense mechanisms in the world.

Flying Fish

Flying fish are capable of leaping from the water and flying or gliding for quite long distances in order to escape from swimming predators underneath the surface of the water.


The Hagfish is ancient in terms of today’s species, as it has been around for 300 million years. The fish has evolved to have no vertebrae, and will expel a slimy substance to deter predators when they come too close. The slime expands up to 20 liters when mixed with the water.