10 Odds That Are Better Than Winning The Powerball

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Three people around the United States recently won the biggest Powerball jackpot of $1.5 billion. The odds of scoring on the feat is a whopping one in 292.2 million. To put these odds in perspective, we’ve brought you ten different things that you’re more likely winning than the Powerball jackpot. And while the $2 entry fee for the Powerball may be small, just remember that you’re far more likely to win an Olympic medal than you are winning the jackpot.

Winning An Olympic Gold Medal

People have a one in 662,000 chance to win a gold medal in any Olympic event. That requires a whole lot more effort and time to achieve than just strolling to a local 7-Eleven, but that’s a far better ratio.

Dying From Hot Tap Water

There’s actually a one in 5 million chance of death from hot water. There’s been scary cases of brain-eating amoeba that contaminated a portion of Louisiana’s tap water over the years and killed people. It’s extremely rare, but unfortunately the odds are better than you winning the Powerball.

Becoming A Movie Star

Many people have ambitions of moving to Hollywood and making it big, but only one in 1.5 million actually achieve superstardom. Still, there’s a better chance of becoming the next Brad Pitt than winning the Powerball.

Dying From Bicycling

Surprisingly, dying from a biking incident has just a one in 4,147 chance of happening. An average of 50,000 people have been injured in each of the last five years, with around 600-800 of them being fatal.

Writing A Best-Selling Novel

It’s not really as hard as you think becoming the next James Patterson. There’s a one in 220 chance of a writer hitting it big with a novel. Why waste waiting for the lottery numbers to be released — start writing!

Dying From Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be a common issue when undercooking foods or deciding to risk eating that steak in the refrigerator a week after the expiration date. Generally death isn’t a result, but there is a one in 3 million chance that it can happen. Still better than the Powerball.

Bowling A Perfect 300

This is another one that takes some skill, effort, and let’s face it — luck — to achieve. But bowling a perfect score of 300 nets a one in 11,500 chance of happening. We don’t necessarily promise that you’ll hit that number after 11,500 games, though.

Dying While Vacationing In Grand Canyon

If you don’t believe this, you should check out Michael P. Ghiglieri’s book on a collection of Grand Canyon death stories. They range from plane crashes to acting stupid by pretending to fall in the canyon and actually doing so. There’s a one in 8.15 million chance of it happening.

Dating Millionaires

Set at the best odds on the list, you’ll have a better chance of running into a millionaire and dating them — 1 in 215 — than winning the Powerball. Who needs to win the jackpot when you can leech off the money maker of the relationship AND get lucky at night?

Getting Hurt By Toilets

Somehow, there’s a one in 10,000 chance that you’ll get injured by a toilet. That’s a pretty good chance, but there are plenty of related deaths including kids drowning in them, exploding toilets, or slipping on a wet bathroom floor and smacking your head on one.