10 Natural Flames That Have Been Burning For Centuries

Spontaneous fire appears to be a pretty rare natural phenomenon, but scientists have proven it is actually pretty common above and below the Earth’s surface. Underground coal or gas tends to feed these ever-burning fires, most of which cannot be put out. Science has started calling them “eternal flames” as most have been burning for centuries at a time. They are pretty odd. Here are ten weird natural flames that no one can put out, and maybe somewhere where you should plan your next vacation!

Chestnut Ridge Park

Located just behind a flowing waterfall in the Chestnut Ridge Park, Pennsylvania, a strange flame continues to burn just near the water. It is both beautiful and odd, considering it can be seen by tourists through the floods.

Mount Chimaera

Mount Chimaera, near Antalya, Turkey, currently houses an eternal burning flame that comes from gas seeping up through the ground. The mountain is the home of the myth of the Chimera. The fires have burned for the past 2,000 years.