10 Must-Watch TV Shows From 2015

It has been another great year of television in 2015, with several new worthy additions to the golden era. Television continued to evolve brilliantly this past year, and we were privileged enough to witness some amazing seasons from new shows and continuing series. What was striking to see was the sheer variety available in terms of original content and an attempt to explore diverse genres. If television continues to grow at this creative pace, it could well and truly become the most definitely popular medium in the world. For all those looking to catch up on some shows you might have missed, here is a list of 10 awesome shows that were top-notch in 2015.

You’re The Worst

Mainstream entertainment has a way of making everything more dramatic or severely toned down. This is most seen while watching sugar-coated rom-coms that are afraid of showing us the ugly side of relationships. ‘You’re The Worst’ explored this idea brilliantly with two amazing seasons that dared to look into the nature of complex, modern relationships.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

The idea of news parodies may have been perfected by John Stewert, but his former journalist, John Oliver, managed to take things to the next level. With the backing of HBO and lack of censorship, Oliver managed to explore some of the biggest issues in the world in a truly unbiased and hard-hitting manner, just the way news was meant to operate.