10 Scientific Facts You Didn’t Know About Love And Attraction

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They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but is that really true? Is it truly subjective, or are there unwritten laws guiding our choices when it comes to picking a partner? Science has gone a long way in answering some of these important questions. It may take away a bit of magic when it comes to the area of love, but it also helps us understand how we think and feel as humans in general. Nature has done a lot of things in order to ensure that we keep propagating our species, and this list looks at 10 of the most interesting facts when it comes to the mysterious world of love and attraction.

Matter Of Choice

There is quite a difference between what straight men and gay men find attractive in terms of features. Gay men apparently are more attracted to men with extremely masculine features, while straight men are attractive to women with highly feminine features.

Just Friends?

This is a question that has haunted people for generations now. Can a man and woman just be friends? The research now tells us that men have a greater chance of developing an attraction to their women friends, and women generally tend to prefer having non-sexual friendships. Shocker!

Listen For The Change In Voice

We send off a lot of signals all the time that we have no say in whatsoever. Women, for example, change their voice pitch whenever they are talking to someone they find attractive. They speak in a slightly higher pitch in this situation.

Alpha And Beta

You might think that men and women are attracted to nice people, but it turns out a majority of us are attracted to people who display dominant behavior. Nice guys definitely finish last here.

Pick Up Artists

You might have come across a pick up artist at some point in your life, and found them to be quite a turn off. A recent study, however, showed that pick up artists do really well in the world, even today, and have a higher chance of finding a mate than regular folk.

A recent study showed that women who are more attractive were also more popular in comparison to their peers. You might think that attractive people might scare normal people away, but on the contrary, they seem to draw the attention of both sexes evenly.

Tattoo Talk

Women with tattoos look like bad-asses, but it doesn’t really ward off men. A study showed that women with tattoos were in fact seen as more approachable by men.

Stubble Up!

Facial hair has always been a big mystery when it comes to getting the approval of women, as we are not sure if it works or not. A recent study, however, showed that women like men with facial hair, but there was a limit to how much can pass as attractive. A full beard is a no-no, but a gentle stubble works on most counts.

Man With A Scar

You may think that a facial scar might be repulsive to women, but a study at the University of London showed that women find facial scars attractive in men. Apparently they act as a sign of health and bravery.

Laws Of Attraction

Despite beauty being totally subjective, there are some cultures that are universally appealing. Swedish women and Finish men for example are supposed to some of the most good looking people in the world.