10 Most Popular Christmas Movies Of All Time

Christmas time is upon us and it is time to get into the festive spirit. Listening to carols, eating good food with the family and putting on classic Christmas flicks is the best way to go about it. This list may not be entirely for children, but it does contain some of the Christmas classics expected to be played around Christmas time – depending on the time of day or night. This list contains ten of the most popular Christmas movies of all time as voted for by Rotten Tomatoes.

Arthur Christmas

An animated movie from 2011 managed to obtain a rating of 92% from Rotten Tomatoes through a sincere message and more than a little emotional instigation. With the classical English Christmas voice of Bill Nighy, this is certainly one to watch this Christmas.

Holiday Inn

From 1942, it may be an old movie, but its certainly a good one. This movie scored a total of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes after first introducing the world to the concept of a “White Christmas”.