10 Completely Insane Human Practices That Terrify Us

There have been multiple studies throughout the years that have proven people throughout history tended to have some truly insane practices. Scientists discovered periods of time where the human race were prosperous, and they revealed eras where flaws were abounding. Next time your grandmother tells a tale about how the world she grew up in was nothing like today, remind her that the world has actually always been a mess with people doing almost anything they want to. Here are ten insane human practices that make history terrifying.

Local Law

Back in Greece and Rome, anyone found guilty of violating a local law would be forced to leave their homes and relocate to another region far from their family and friends. This was either permanent or over a fixed period of time.


Anyone living two thousand years ago in Asia would be more than a little terrified to hear the worst bastinado. This was the practice of beating the victim’s soles of their feet with a stick. The soles were vulnerable, so it was excrutiating.