10 Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Every once in a while, we all find ourselves wishing we could get through one situation or another quite a bit easier but we just don’t know the best way to go about doing that. If you’ve ever wondered how in the world you can stop your male coworkers from stealing your office food, or just wanted an easier way to make a cup a soup, then this article is the one you’ve been looking for all your life. Using these simple tips, you’ll find your life that much easier. Check out our list of 10 life hacks that you’ll wish you had thought of sooner and tell us when you try them out in the comments section.

Tampon Box Hides Your Food

This is one way to make sure your male coworkers aren’t going to go for your snacks. Store them in a tampon box and they’ll never look there.

Not Just Kid’s Toys Anymore

Get yourself some Lego and you can craft a makeshift smartphone stand. This way you can watch the game or a movie hands free, on the go.

Dipping Tray For Cookies

Once you finish off a section of cookies, you’ll be able to fill up with that section with milk or maybe even some frosting and use it as a dipping treat.

Drink In Public

Get yourself a coke can and cut it down the middle and you’ll have a cover you can put on your beer cans. This way you can drink when you’re out and about.

Cook Two Bowls At Once

We’ve all had those periods of time when you had two batches and didn’t want to have to cook one after the other. Use a microwave safe mug or cup as a stand and you’ll be able to cook both at the same time.

Never Throw A Black Sock Away Again

Using this magic marker, you can make it look as though the hold in the sock was never there. For those who are too lazy to go looking for another pair.

Easy Grilled Cheese

This is the quickest way to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Keep an eye on it, but you should be able to use your toaster this way.

Get More Dipping Out of Your Cup

We all have those glasses that don’t allow us to get our hands in very deep. Using this technique you can get a little extra reach when dipping an Oreo.

The Seat Belt Bottle Opener

Obviously, we don’t recommend doing this while you’re driving. If you’ve arrived at your destination for the night however, and you need an opener in a pinch, the seat belt buckle will work.

Sipping While Sunning

For those who don’t want to have to interrupt their tan by sitting up to drink, just put the straw through the weave of the chair and you can sip while you relax.