10 Lies That Tried Justifying World War I

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World War 1 was one of the worst global conflicts of human history, besides the following World War 2. Multiple countries came together in bloody clashes on war-torn battle fields. Trench warfare became popular, as did the use of chemical weaponry, such as mustard gas. It was bloody, it was horrific, and the atrocities that were committed ended up banned by the Geneva Convention. In order to continue this war, many governments told their people a variety of lies, most of which were completely false. Here are ten of those lies told to justify the murder of millions of people.

Defense of Democracy

Germany, in an effort to justify their war, told everyone they were fighting to defend the civil values against a militaristic state, which they aimed at the Russian autocracy at during the time.

Treaty Obligation

Britian told their people that they were going to enter the war thanks to a treaty obligation they had made to defend the neutrality of Belgium. The Germans offered guarantees of Belgian integrity, which the British government refused.

German Aggression

Britain was even more determined to go to war with Germany at the time, despite the country’s aggression levels. The Foreign Office even made up an imaginary German attack on France to justify their declaration of war against Germany.

Competition between the two countries over markets and resources was said to have formed a naval arms race between them. Britain would not allow Germany to expand economically, which led to conflict.

German Imperialism

It was said that German Imperialism was quite vicious and must be challenged by other nations. Germany did, in fact, commit some atrocities against workers in Namibia, but so did many other countries at the time, including Britain.

United Public Opinion

Imagery of cheering crowds in 1914 would lead everyone to believe that public opinion was completely united in favor of the war. That was, however, false, and most of the country were performing anti-war demonstrations throughout both countries.

Intact Morale

Britain would have everyone believe that the morale of their troops fighting on the Western Front was steadfast throughout the entire conflict. Instead, soldiers were threatened with court martial executions to keep them pushing forward.

Incompetent “Donkeys”

General Haig was one particular military officer who said not to be an incompetent individual, but he actually was. His attacks failed, which resulted in the deaths of 57,000 troops on the first day of battle.

Triumphant Capitalism

The end of World War 1 is said to have seen the triumph of liberal capitalism. Instead, most countries involved in the war were quite destabilized and had troubling recuperating following their tour of combat.

Worthwhile War

Despite all of the killing, destruction, and needless slaughter, many said the war was worthwhile. In reality, the war brought about a period of economic downfall and crisis. Britain faced a decade of industrial decline, for example.