10 Known War Criminals That Shockingly Walked Away Scot-Free

If there was any debate about just how horrible World War II was to the people who were caught in the middle of the forces doing battle, just look at how many people on this list served during that period of time. Not every war criminal on this list is from World War II though. It seems that the world’s history is actually quite replete with people who believed having a position of power meant they could do whatever they want to their fellow human beings. These criminals also come from all over the world, with no part of the globe being able to claim a monopoly on monstrosities. Check out our list of 10 known war criminals that shockingly walked away scot-free.

Rodolfo Graziani

Graziani served as viceroy in Italy’s colonial expansion into Libya and Ethiopia just before World War II. After surviving an assassination attempt in Ethiopia, the man’s response was to initiate a plan called Yekatit 12, which led to scores of Ethiopians to be massacred and imprisoned. According to Ethiopian sources, up to 30,000 people were killed by Italians forces in response to the assassination attempt. While Graziani was actually tried and sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment he only served four months and happily led a long life in Italy thereafter.

Charles Zentai

Zentai served as a warrant officer in the Hungarian Army during World War II. He is accused of having murdered 18-year old Péter Balázs, a Jewish man, in November 1944. According to reports, Balazs was found riding a train without wearing his yellow star by Zentai, which was a crime punishable by death in Hungary at the time. Zentai allegedly took Balázs to the barracks, beat him brutally to death, and threw his body into a river. After the way Zentai moved to Australia, and was only arrested for murder in 2005. Efforts to extradite him to Hungary to face trial failed, since such a thing as a “war crime” did not exist in Hungary at the time of the incident.