10 Innocent Photos That Somehow Manage To Be Dirty

Sometimes, people just aren’t thinking when they decide to put an image on their product or their store. When they don’t think, accidents can and do happen, and it is these pictures or words that often turn out to be a hilarious mistake. Whether it is the positioning of the image, the placement of the text or the font they chose, the end result can be a hilarious fail. Well, we’ve gathered ten of these in this list, and you’ll be asking yourself what these people were thinking, while trying to hold back tears of laughter.

That’s a Nice … Puppy

This is one of those photos that will make you blush, until you take a second look at it. The woman’s just loving on her dog!

That’s Not Something To Pray For

Sometimes you just have to wonder what the people who make these pictures are thinking. We also wonder what he’s actually doing.