10 Incredibly Depressing Facts About Suicide

Suicide does not simply affect just the one person suffering from depression who wants to take their life into their own hands. Instead, suicide will affect every single person who is left behind, including family, friends, and other loved ones who want nothing more than to hold the individual once more in their arms. It is deeply disheartening and sad to read about someone taking their own life, but that is a sad fact of the world we live in. Today, there are more suicides than murders in some cities. Here are ten incredibly depressing facts about suicide.


Recent studies have revealed that a staggering 1 in 25 teenagers throughout the United States of America will attempt to commit suicide at some point in their young lives. Little is done to prevent this, sadly.

New York City

In the massive metropolis of New York City, more people commit suicide than those who are murdered violently. This is both staggering and shocking, as violent crime is on the rise throughout the city streets.