10 Incredibly Dangerous Children’s Toys That Were Banned

There is an old saying that states “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” Technically that is true, but in reality you could also receive a fracture, be poisoned, or receive a very serious burn on your body. Toy makers have designed some truly brutal products throughout time, and they don’t stop to think whether or not those toys should be released to the general public – let alone to the children who they were intended for. Modern day lawsuits are growing more and more serious thanks to these toys. Here are ten incredibly dangerous children’s toys that were banned.

Snap Bracelets

Snap bracelets were once spring-loaded metal bands in various colors of plastic or cloth. They could be straightened out and slapped against your wrist, which would allow them to curl around into place and close together. They were popular in schools around 1990, but became dangerous when they’d slice into flesh.

Monster Science Colossal Water Balls

Monster Science Colossal Water Balls were small capsules that were said to grow into dinosaurs like the ones shown on the packaging. They were said to grow up to 400 times the original size. Sadly, many children choked after trying to eat the balls.