10 Incredible Photos That Could Only Be From Russia

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Russians are a very hardy and tough nation of people. They make the best of what they have and party hard when they can, so it feels like everyone can relate. Unfortunately though, there are some things that only a Russian could think of; or something that simply wouldn’t be legal anywhere else in the world. This is a list of ten incredible photos that could only be from Russia, proving that they are some of the most ingenuitive people to ever have graced the face of the Earth.

The Perfect Storm

The only thing that Russians love more than flip-flops is drinking vodka. So what happens when you mix the two? The perfect storm, that’s what.

Beats By Vladivostok

When ingenuity mixes with teenage rebellion, you get both the best and most annoying invention ever to grace public transport. This boom box is a surefire hit with the guy carrying it, but would barely be tolerated on the train or the bus.


The mightiest sword in the world has been found and it is being wielded by a small child and is being used to slice salami. How the mighty have fallen.


This could be very polite or very weird. If you want to keep on entertaining guests even when nature calls, there is only one comfortable solution, and this is it.


We aren’t sure if that’s a telescope or a rolling pin that this gentleman is carrying, but the bear at least seems to be taking him seriously. Only in Russia.

16 And Pregnant

She may have made a mistake, but forcing her to wash in the snow may be pushing it a little far.

Toasty Toes

Getting a heater system put in is only required if your oven door has a safety switch. It seems the gas top is also doing its best to keep the chills away.


How this bear managed to get into the cab is a miracle in and of itself, but the look of pure joy on his grizzly face makes all the effort worth it. Good guy Russian taxi driver, doing the Saints work.

Broken Tap

There is only one budget solution for when your hot tap snaps off the wall, and this Russian has found the life hack for it. Simply crack open your kettle and drill a hole in the side. Simple.


This car may smoke like a diesel, but it is a guarantee that anyone riding inside it would be nice and warm even in this harsh Russian winter. Bet we wouldn’t see this kind of impressive car modification anywhere else in the world. Apart from on some recent Volkswagen cars.