10 Iconic Roles You Never Knew Were Meant For Another Actor

There are some movie roles that we see where the actor who is playing them seems like it was the right choice all along. We cannot picture anyone ever taking on this role, right from the minute we see them. Think of Han Solo or Indiana Jones and ask yourself if anyone other than Harrison Ford would have been a good fit for the role. For that matter, think of Luke Skywalker. Would someone other than Mark Hamill been able to use the force in just the right way? Despite the fact that the movie and television companies landed on the right actor for some of our favorite characters, they weren’t always the first choice. Check out our list of 10 iconic roles you never knew were actually meant for another actor and prepare to be amazed.


Shrek was one of the roles that made Mike Myers’ career one of the biggest in the comedy world during the late 1990’s. It turns out that before he was chosen, the studio tried out Chris Farley. There are even audio tapes that have been recently released of Farley trying on the role of the ogre.

Jack Torrance in The Shining

While Jack Nicholson ended up being the absolute best choice for the murderous father in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s book, it turns out he wasn’t the first choice. The film makers originally wanted to go with Robin Williams, but Williams didn’t feel he was right for the part. It’s a safe bet a slightly goofier Jack Torrance would have been in store for us had the filmmakers gotten their first choice.