10 Hoaxes That Fooled Almost Everyone

Hurricane Sandy Images

The frightening 2012 storm Hurricane Sandy led to a whole host of fake images overwhelming people’s news feeds and profiles. While plenty of the photographs were genuine and showed off the dramatic nature of the deadly weather, others had been heavily photoshopped. The most famous of these was one that showed the clouds gathering vividly over the Statue of Liberty.

Blonde Extinction

There are often claims from studies that state that redheads are likely to go extinct in the coming years, though it is rarer for the same to be said of other hair colors. However, a 2006 hoax study made the bold announcement that blondes would be extinct by the year 2200, leading to much of the public believing it. Even established news outlets such as the BBC carried the story until the World Health Organization issued a statement denying the claims and pointed out that the study was not genuine.