10 Hilarious Words You Won’t Believe Are Actually In The Dictionary

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English is a funny language, and even many people who have spoken English for their entire lives don’t even know half of the words that are in the language. There are many words that have recently been added to the English dictionary over the last few years. Words like “selfie” have been added to the dictionary, further embarrassing English-speakers. However, there are many lesser known words that have been around for ages that no one really knows about, and they’re pretty funny too. This list is a compilation of ten hilarious words that you won’t believe are really in the English dictionary.


The word brouhaha is basically a description of an overexcited reaction to something.


To bibble is the act of eating or drinking really loudly.


A quire is 25 sheets of paper.


Bumbershoot means umbrella!


No, not the term used in Bugs Bunny. Wabbit comes from Scotland, and it means “tired.”


Gubbins is basically another word for garbage. It means “something that has little or no value.”


This word is the technical term for that feeling when you first wake up and stretch all of your stiff muscles!


To be bumfuzzled is to be very confused or perplexed about something.


This word basically means to move in a counter-clockwise direction.


A taradiddle is essentially a lie or an exaggerated story.