10 Hilarious Situations Children Have Gotten Themselves Into

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Being a parent is certainly not easy, which is why it is shocking that so many people sign up for that responsibility on a daily basis. We can all agree that moms have to bear the brunt of the burden while having a child. Apart from the gestation period and giving birth which lasts nine months but feels much longer, they also end up having to take care of the child during their naughty years. Here is a list of 10 situations that mothers typically have to deal with. Maybe you will buy them a bigger gift for Mother’s day after seeing this post.

Kids Do The Darnest Things

There is no explaining why kids do the things they do sometimes. Moms just have to be prepared for everything at all times.

Finding Love In The Wrong Places

Kids love their moms, but they also have a funny and frustrating way of showing off that love.

Naughty Snowman

Moms have to constantly be prepared to clean a mess, and messes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.

Baby Gone Wild

Kids seem to enjoy creating a mess. Little do they know how they are traumatizing their mothers.

Tampon Party

For no particular reason, kids will decide to have a tampon party in your bathroom. Moms have to always have a secret stash stacked away.

Adding Character To Your Laptop

Kids may not know how to use a laptop, but they sure know how to abuse them. Moms need to constantly put their electronics away, or else they end up having to give them away.

Did I Do That?

Moms can’t get too attached to anything nice in their own home. They never know when it will come crashing down.

Baby On Baby Violence

Having two kids can be more than a handful. Protecting them from each other is the biggest problem for moms.

Get Out Of Here Roundy

See what I mean, there is no telling what one of your child will do to the other.

Holy Problems

If there is a hole in your home, rest assured, your child is going to fall into it. Mothers just have to deal with putting out all fires and plugging all holes.