10 Hilarious Objects You Can Follow On Twitter

Are you bored of following people on Twitter? It is totally justifiable. Most people have very little interesting things to say, and the added pressure of being active on a social media site is really taking its toll on the overall quality of opinions. Fortunately, the internet always manages to come up with a solution just when you think things are getting bleak. Here is a list of 10 hilarious, sometimes cool, sometimes mundane objects you can now follow on Twitter.

Nasa Voyager

Why wouldn’t you want to follow the Nasa Voyager? It is always high, moving really fast and it tells you some things that can blow your mind, pretty much everything you look for in a best friend.

The 91 Freeway

The 91 Freeway is undoubtedly the coolest freeway around. If you are following any other freeway on Twitter, you clearly have no idea what’s happening in the world.